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Nephros can now offer the only on-line HDF therapy available and its approved by FDA

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  • Nephros can now offer the only on-line HDF therapy available and its approved by FDA

    There has been a lot of interest recently in online Hemodiafiltration (olHDF) with multiple studies published in the past year. It is a technique which has gained favor in Europe (albeit with a lack of hard evidence) while being not utilized at all in the US for various reasons. HDF involves the addition of convective clearance, hemofiltration, to the diffusive treatment of hemodialysis (HD) which gives better clearance of middle sized uremic toxins. Very large volumes of plasma water are ultrafiltered using a high flux dialyzer with replacement solution needed to maintain fluid balance. As a large volume of fluid is infused directly into the patient, this infusate needs to be ultrapure with low levels of pyrogen and microbial contamination. The development of online generation of ultrapure replacement fluid, directly from the water treatment plant, has facilitated the roll out of olHDF in Europe. Safety concerns have also been addressed. Previously reported benefits, apart from middle molecule clearance, have included better phosphorous removal, improved intra-dialytic blood pressures, lower levels of EPO resistance, improved quality of life among others but hard outcome data has been lacking until recently.
    "Nephros can now offer the only on-line HDF therapy available in the U.S.,"
    the Nephros OLpur MD220 Hemodiafilter and Nephros's OLpur H2H Hemodiafiltration module have been approved by the FDA. Nephros's OLpur MD220 Hemodiafilter is a dialyzer designed expressly for HDF therapy that employs Nephros's proprietary Mid-Dilution Hemodiafiltration technology. Nephros's OLpur H2H Hemodiafiltration module is intended for use with UF controlled dialysis machines capable of producing ultrapure dialysate in accordance with current AAMI/ANSI/ISO standards

    Nephros has filters and hemodiafiltration equipment used during dialysis that will decrease EPO requirement and improve profitablity of Dialysis Centers. CMS is cutting back reimbursement for dialysis which will significantly hurt DVA bottom line. The filters and Dialysis machines have shown to significantly reduce epo needs and maintain higher blood counts