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fistulagram bruising

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  • fistulagram bruising

    hubby had what i think is called a fistulagram on thursday basically they put a tube in his artery in his groin and put in dye to check for blockages , everything came back good they had a decent sized area marked off im guessing for the procedure . when he came home that day there was some bruising within the marked off area i feel like every time i look at him the bruising seems to be getting worse now it is well out of the area on both sides ....i'm probably being paranoid but does anyone know i this is normal . he has a followup monday so i mean ill definatly find out then but just looking for feedback

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    guess ill let everybody know what the problem is when he has his followup tomorrow hoping its normal and not a bad side affect


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      bruising is hideous but dr said its normal as long as he has no other symptoms which he doesnt . the puncture from the procedure looks good so i am relieved about that