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My Options-- PD vs. HH?

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  • My Options-- PD vs. HH?

    Not sure where to begin. I've had IGA Nephropathy for years. Creatinine was relatively under control, then all of a sudden it shot up to 8.0, so now my Nephrologist is talking about dialysis. Wish I knew why it was rising, but it is what it is. I have some of the symptoms, but appetite is still there and I feel generally fine. Went over my options today, it seems it's fistula (in centers 3x a week or home) vs. PD catheter for night. I have a 9-5 job and lead a pretty busy lifestyle so they recommended PD but I'm not crazy about catheters due to infections-- I really do enjoy the beach. I'm also a musician so am wondering if any of this would affect my playing (i.e., fistula on arm that holds an instrument). I know lots will change, but wondering if anyone can provide advice who's actually been on it-- the doctors and nurses are very helpful, but I'm trying to seek out primary sources. Thanks!

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    I was told that you can swim in a pool and salt water with either but with PD you will have to use a covering over the site to keep clean and
    protected from infections. No hot tubs. No tubs but showers are ok. I have asked a lot of questions and will be making my choice by this April.
    Not sure which I will do yet. is good about explaining these things too. Hope this helps. I do water walking at the local Y under Medicare prevention through insurance. I love it and it is the only exercise I can do without getting out of breath or feeling side affects.


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      I am not on PD but my girlfriend is and she loves it and feels pretty good. On PD you have more food choices. I can speak to if the tube will be bothersome as you are a musician, I recently got a gastric feeding tube (not by choice) and I don;t feel it like I thought I would. The placement is awkward it a couple of inches under my left breast. Sometimes before I knew better I would put on a sports bra and I would get extremely sore, but it gave me an excuse to go bra-less.

      The information that Kcramer gave you about is a necessary read it will equip you with a lot information to help you take charge of your health and be able to discuss better with yoor doctors. Good luck on your choice and god bless you.


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