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    During my recent stay in the hospital, I started on dialysis. I believe it was my 2nd go 'round with it when some people approached my hospital bed. One introduced the other as Dr. McLafferty. I was told that this guy would evaluate me after I'm discharged from the hospital for vascular access. "Dr. McLafferty" shook my hand, gave me his business card, told me to call his office and schedule an appointment for said "evaluation" and told me to restrict any poking/prodding of my right arm then he was on his way(a total of 5 mins tops).

    By the time I got home from the hospital(about 7 days after the intro), McLafferty's office had already mailed me a letter with a scheduled appointment date/time. They didn't bother waiting for me to call them. What I want to know is, if this upcoming "evaluation" appointment hasn't even happened yet, wtf do I have a bill from this guys office for $288.00?!?!?!? I know good and gd well this @$$ didn't charge me for a effen introduction and code it as a "consultation/evaluation". I might have to cuss somebody completely out in the morning.

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    So, I did some research this morning. I looked up the definition of a "medical consultation" and found out that Medicare no longer pays for "consultations" and they view consultations and evaluations as one and the same (which was my first thought).

    Medical consultation: a procedure whereby, on request by one physician, another physician reviews a patient's medical history, Examines the patient, and makes recommendations as to care and treatment. The medical consultant often is a specialist with expertise in a particular field of medicine.

    I'm going to give this Drs office 48 hours to explain to me why I've been billed $288 for a handshake & introduction. If I don't hear from them, I'm going to file a complaint and have their practices investigated. What's really sad is that this Dr has an impeccable reputation. I mean, he appears to be the best of the best. So why the shady business practice?


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      Well, he probably also looked at your chart........


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        I have a question for you; are you in acute renal failure or end stage disease from chronic renal failure? This could be very important in relation to being evaluated for an access port.


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          Maybe the charge was for the business card!? They picked the wrong person to bill for a "consultation" I believe. Keep it up!

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            Seems like the bill may be for when he saw you in the hospital..which would be considered a consultation, the dr office will bill separately from the hospital..check that out and see if thats whats going on...


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              So, if I walked up to you during your hospital stay, introduced myself and looked at your, I could charge you $288?


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                ESRD due to chronic renal failure.


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                  "Viewing" someone with your eyes doesn't give you the right to charge $288 for it. A less than 5 minute introduction is not worth $288. I meet people everyday and I don't bill them $288. When this guy handed me his business card, he said to contact his office to schedule an evaluation for vascular access. There is no card stock on this earth worth $288. IT IS SHADY BUSINESS TO CHARGE SOMEONE ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR AN INTRODUCTION AND A BUSINESS CARD CALLING IT A "CONSULTATION".


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                    ""Viewing" someone with your eyes doesn't give you the right to charge $288 for it."

                    Obviously, you've never dealt with anybody in the legal field..........


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                      I know it sounds shady but anytime a dr is called on your case it is considered a consultation, my boyfriend was diagnosed in june with esrd, and when the vascular surgeon came in after his second day in the hospital, he spoke to us for all of 10 mins and yes it was considered a "consultation" he also told us to call and schedule an appt when he was discharged from is very common and almost anyone who is hospitalzed for any reason and needs a surgeon or specialist and they come in the room and speak to you will get charged the fee,,wonderful healthcare system we have here huh?