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Improving microcirculation through noninvasive introduction of CO2

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  • Improving microcirculation through noninvasive introduction of CO2

    Hello guys, Tiny here (i am not that Tiny though). A close relative of mine has some kidney problems and was referred to a product which improves the microcirculation to the vital organs. She just puts her thumb into that apparatus for like a few mins. Did a quick google search and it also has an array of clinically tested benefits so it's not only for the sick but for the healthy as well. And so far, it's been doing wonders for her! I would just want to know if others have tried this?

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    Sounds like a "quack" device......


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      I am skeptical of this to say the least-any studies? I have used stretching and mobility exercises to manage my neuropathy for years and I have had mixed results with natural remedies so I am interested, but I don't really understand how this "improves blood flow". Sounds kind of sketchy to me.



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        Hi MarcBose, yes I've read several (published) studies through a google search and it has been conducted on human clinical trials. There have been testimonies as well regarding its effectivity. So I don't know. Well, as long as it works for my aunt. Hehe