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    Want to know how to work your dry weight out please. My husband went for dialises and that afternoon his urine was full of blood. The dr said they took to much fluid off and the sist on the kidney burst. That corse the blood. A year ago his weight was 82kg and now its 75kg. Everytime he comes there they look at his face and eyes and said he have fluid. He is very skinny and battle to gain weight and he loose a lot of mussel. A year a go he also had a big heart operation.If we can just know how to work it out please.

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    I started Dialysis in August of 16. After a few weeks I began to get very sick doing dialysis, shortness of breath and cramping really bad. The doctor , nurses and staff realize too much fluid was being removed from me. They ask me a lot of questions about my fluid intake and how much I pee , to put it blunt . They adjusted my dry weight high . The majority of time's all they do is clean my blood. I feel 100% better , they monitor me every treatment. I always ask about how much fluid is being removed or not.