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Anyone having this issue at their davita center?

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  • Anyone having this issue at their davita center?

    I was told by the head RN on Monday that they now have a cap of how much fluid that they could pull off. Mine was like 2.4 with with rinse baking and all is only 1.9. I usually have to take off a total of 3.5 which is fine for me. I was so mad. People that make these rules don't sit in the dialysis chair or walk in my shoes. Sure on paper, you not supposed to gain more than 1 kilo between treatments, but I'm human and live in Florida so in the summer I tend to drink more not a ton but more than the 32oz allowed. They are going to have lots of people going to hospital for fluid overload. Sometimes they need to talk to the patients before making these stupid rules.

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    We've not had that situation but have found that the attitude seems to vary within facility so far. I'd have a thorough discussion with your facility renal when he visits. This is definitely a health situation you need to be proactive. Since we are snow birds I'm hoping that the facility in FL isn't the one we're going to be dealing with - and you are right the one we go to in Ohio is excellant staff but the chairs are horrible - when you have to sit for over 4 hours as my LO does they get very uncomfortable - time for refurbishing.