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ESRD & Now Secondary Liver Disease

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  • ESRD & Now Secondary Liver Disease

    I am a caretaker of my Ex-Husband who is53 has been on Hemodialysis for 5yrs this July & now just found out he has stage3 Liver disease which they believe is the hereditary Iron difficiency one. was wondering if anyone else has or knows anyone else that is or went throught this. Cause usually it Liver Disease & then they get renal failure ?

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    If he has polycystic kidney disease, then, yes, it also can affect the liver.


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      If he has moved to stage 3 then there are high chances of renal failure in the future. His dialysis may have also increased to 4 times a week. I am a nursing student and I have seen dialysis patients my professors often help me do my assignment canada when I am unable to solve those case studies but what you have discussed here is pretty much clear.


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