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  • Uncomfortable

    I have been doing dialysis since Dec. 2014. I have started hurting (not cramping) in my legs and lower back, during dialysis. After I get home, I am still hurting and can not sleep. Up and down all night into the next day. Because of this, I DO NOT WANT TO GO!!! And I don't. I have been getting into trouble from the dr. because of this. I am at the point that I don't care, I am tired of hurting. I feel so good when I skip than when I go. Am I the only one?

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    When I hurt like that I drink Gatorade ,makes me feel much better


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      Gatorade contains way too much potassium for dialysis patients to drink.


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        Have you tried changing positions at dialysis? I bring a squishy pillow for my neck, and I make sure to change from upright, to half down, to lying down, and shift my legs so I don't get stiff. I'd watch the Gatorade. Sooooo much potassium! Way worse for you than the pain.


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          Maybe it's the chairs. They aren't that comfortable for 4 hrs. Maybe sitting in the same position for that amount of time. I agree with FloridaGirl. Maybe some pillows or something like that. It obviously is not good to skip treatments but I am with you on not wanting to go. My situation is kind of crazy. I am relatively new to dialysis and in my group (the people who come on my day) I am pretty much the bad egg. I miss two treatments at a time and when I go back they ask how I am feeling. I feel fine. I have never felt bad. I don't always take my kaolexate or my phosphorous pills. I am a bad patient. I got the fistula but over time they k
          eep having trouble with the sticks. Who wants needles fishing around, hitting walls, causing massive bruising. Sometimes the blood has clotted and so here comes another stick. So I had decided recently to stop dialysis and let whatever was going to happen, happen. No more machines keeping me alive. Then the very next day of making that decision, my Nephrologist tells me that my kidneys seem to have reversed themselves. I am waiting to get test results to make sure but does happen often? I assume I still have stage 5 renal disease but with enough function to no longer need dialysis. When I was in the hospital my kidneys functioned at less than 10%. The kidney function has to be 15% or less to be put on dialysis. But apparently now my kidneys are functioning at 25%! Happy, but many questions. Anyone going through this? Or know someone going through this? And where does disability fit into this picture? How am I suppose to get back into the work force at an older age? Help!