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Davita and their HORRIBLE billing procedure

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  • Davita and their HORRIBLE billing procedure

    I am livid! I have been on peritoneal dialysis since September 2012. I have never had a problem. The ladies at my center are nothing but kind, and never had problems with billing or insurance. Now all of a sudden since January, they have started submitting claims to my insurance as a hemodialysis claim, and it's leaving me footing over half the bill EACH WEEK OF DIALYSIS! I have inquired about speaking with billing or an insurance specialist 3-4 times now, and each time the nurse brings in a social worker. This would be fine, but the social worker comes in and tells me she has no idea about insurance and I will have to bring her all of my EOB's so she can submit them to the insurance. Well, I don't have 2 months worth of EOB's and until I get all the letters in the mail, they are continuing to charge me for hemodialysis. The worst part is, they took me off diaysis in early february as my kidney function somehow improved, and they are still billing my insurance for weekly hemodialysis. I spoke with a lady on the phone at my center today and asked her for the billing department number, to which she replied "you need to talk to a social worker". I try to remain calm but when they constantly tell me to talk to a social worker and the lady comes in the room and says she has no idea about am I supposed to feel? Why is it such a big deal for them to let you talk to their billing department? It's my account, my bills, my personal information? It's so frustrating!! Does anyone else have to deal with anything like this?

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    Last time I had dialysis I ran into something similar. I was told when I started that my insurance was going to cover the cost of the hemo. I was getting treatments for close to a year then I suddenly got a bill for thousands of dollars. I too was livid and asked for an explanation. I told them I had been on hemo for close to a year and why was I just not starting to get billed now. They told me that my insurance did cover the cost except for a certain amount. Again I asked why is this just coming to light now. No one had an answer other than "maybe" it took them that long to catch up on their billing.

    Then to add insult to injury they told me that if I didn't get it paid they wouldn't be able to treat me. Being on disability I didn;t have that amount of cash to pay them which started a whole other episode. It took forever to get it all straigghtened out.