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    Hi, I wish Davita would provide a Davita Travel Card with all the individual update treatment info, medication, home dialysis & whatever else Davita finds important.

    My reasoning is that I always find it a time consuming to inform my Davita center that I want to travel and it should be at least 3 weeks in advance. This makes me feel trapped and what if its an emergency and I have to leave my dialysis error.

    It doesn't make sense to me when I am going to a different state to another Davita why I just can't be able to present my Davita card and ID and receive treatment.

    Why isn't all Davita centers database connected for this purpose?

    I dont know to many people who wish to do dialysis treatment if they are not on it. Even the card will show where the access is on the patient.

    Also, the Davita requirement are not all the same which I found out the hard way. I planned a trip 3 weeks in advance to Miami, FL. The day before I was supposed to leave I had to take a hepetisit test as required in Miami or I could not do treatment. Mine you I planned this 3 weeks in advance. Yes, it was human error and it was caught. My problem is why doesn't my Philadelphia, PA clinic or all clincics have the same standards so something like this doesn't happen?

    The other option I had was go to the hospital in Miami if I was wasn't able to get the test done before I left.

    Again, make it easier for people like myself to know that I can get up 1 morning and feel that I can travel away for a couple days and with a Davita card receive treatment in another dialysis unit anywhere in the USA.

    Yes, it would be my responsibility to inform the visiting clinic and ask for an appointment and my responsibility to tell my clinic I will not be coming in for treatment on whatever dates.

    Also, I mentioned this Davita card back in 2015, I believe. Davita leaders how far are you on this matter.

    Be leaders in your field not followers!

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    I think you need to take that up with either your social worker or your facility AA (administrative assistant) I travel 3 to 4 times a year and only problem I see is signing 10 times when you get there all that paperwork could be and should be faxed back and forth. Don't count on davita execs to do anything that makes it easier on the patients