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    Hi everyone. I have a question. About a month ago, I was told my CKD progressed to stage 4 and they are preparing me for dialysis soon. I have asked to speak to a renal dietician but was told they don't have me speak to one until I have reached stage 5 and start dialysis. I don't understand this. I am researching all I can and have changed my eating habits. I'm aware I won't stay in stage 4 for long, but I sure would like to prolong it as much as possible

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    What is the cause of your kidney failure? If you're diabetic, controlling that as closely as possible will help. Other than that, low protein has helped many. If you have high blood pressure, again, that needs to be controlled - get off salt. Go low salt as much as possible. If you're urinating, including potassium to help with blood pressure may help (many fruits and vegetables contain potassium). It would be beneficial to have someone to talk to about your diet, since knowing your labs would help to give advice.

    I can't really say a lot of positive things about how people with failing kidneys are treated in the US. Doctors seem to have a "whatever - your kidneys are going to fail so there's nothing I can do" attitude. But where ever you're at now, depending on the cause, you should be able to stay indefinitely if you do everything right. There are some diseases you can't control, but other than that - there are things you can do.

    Good luck to you. Get your labs. Ask more questions and tell the doctor you want to do everything you can with your diet to make sure to postpone dialysis as long as possible. (Some doctors dont' believe in low protein - and if you're leaking protein in your urine, that can be a problem - some medicines can help that too I believe)


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      Could you maybe talk to a nutritionist instead of a dietitian for now. They would at least put you on the right tract I think. There are also many good, healthy recipes on this website to follow too. Good luck friend!