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    Hello everyone, Next week (July 11th 2017) I am having my pre-op appointment to have a PD catheter embedded. One concern I have is where the catheter will eventually come out. I do not know if one can specify where one wants the cath to emerge, but if so, I would appreciate advice particularly from women, as to where to ask the surgical team to place it. I wear pants a lot, and usually get the type that "rests on hips" so I would imagine it would be best to have the catheter emerge fairly high up--almost to the belly button. Could anyone give me some advice as to what to tell my surgeons?
    Thanks very much,
    Elizabeth from Brookline

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    Reply to Elizabeth from Brookline.
    I am a male in my late 60's. My PD Cath emerged approximately 3" above and 2" to the left of my belly button. It worked great at that location. By all means, discuss this with your surgeon prior to surgery. Be very frank, but not rude, with your surgeon about any concerns you may have. They are not mind readers and I have found that they are very willing to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you may have about your surgery. They want you to be comfortable and at ease with your surgery. Also, listen to your PD Nurse on how to keep the exit site clean. They will tell you more about this than the surgeon will. After all, they will be working with you more in the next few weeks than the surgeon will. I wore a Stutz Catheter belt to hold the exposed portion in place when not in use. I highly recommend this belt over some of the others. They are a little expensive, about $60 for a package of 3. They can be washed and reused. DO NOT use chlorine bleach to wash or clean. It will ruin the elasticity of the belt. These belts can be ordered on-line.
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      I am a 41 year old active female on PD. My catheter is about 3 inches to the left and 3 inches below my belly button. This is a good spot, I can hide it beneath a 2 piece bathingsuit and it is always under my belt line. I would keep it below the top of where your belt line sits to decrease rubbing. I like to wear high wasted underwear that keeps the catheter "in place," like a spanx brand, etc. The tighter body fit of that underwear keeps the catheter close to my body, barely visable, and in place all day. I did not like the belt or hang around the neck contraptions that my PD nurses suggested. Good luck on PD! It has provided me with a really great quality of life for 6 years now!


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        I am a 39 yr old female on PD as well. Originally my surgeon had wanted to place my catheter very high up. It would have been almost right below my chest (way too high especially for a woman). I did talk to him and let him know I wasn't happy with that area and preferred somewhere lower. We both agreed about 2" above and approx. 3" to the left of my belly button. it's above my belt line so not an issue when I wear pants. I also use a PD belt which keeps it out of the way (I wear it higher up right below my bra and barely notice the belt where it is). I haven't had any issues where it is located. I got my belts through Stickman Dialysis Industries. I have loved them! Hope it all goes well for you!