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How to stay alive with Davita

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  • How to stay alive with Davita

    My wife started pd dialysis and followed all thing that was told to do told each visit doing great welcomedlije part of a,family so we thought had few prob on was had to be transported there for short time by er vec. AND was strapped in to tite and caused bruising on my wife's legs and doc said it was a dies.that causes leg die and then black and we were told to just go home and for me to just stop treatment and force my wife to die and the day he said that she went in to hosip and about five day and all bruises went away and that showed she didn't have that doc said went home and four-day later she was bad again so bk.. To hoisp done Manuel pd for five days and she was great back home four-day same thing back to hoisp. U told doc that I was sure pd mach wasn't doing it job and same thing back home after Manuel and back to hoisphosip but nurse had changed or prog on our pro card but now mach is over filling my wife and it near killing her and I forced it to drain with a serenging ANd keep it from killing her and call they have new,mach but by that time it has been four day and she wasn't doing go so back to hoisphosip we went this time they put her on 24hr a day diealsis treatment after four day and all blood was clean they took it off and talked me in to signing a Dr sheet with out thinking and he want me to stop giving her med and I didn't agree and wanted my power of att to go in effect seance doc made a change in her med when it wasn't need to be they put her on the strongest pain med out there I v ing it and had her so drugged up she was hardly conc and I told them I didn't want to stop med that controlled her blood pres because her white blood cell was going down so infect was going away and her blood pres would do right when that happens and that she didn't have that leg des.and she would get better in few day but the doc. AND nurse had done passed judgment on my wife that she wasn't worth there time and wanted me to kill her and seance I didn't they just have her more med that night because doc was going out of town next day and didn't have time for my wife Darlene and killed her that night so if u want to live get dif comp and if u get any prob you may be next is there any other out there that this,had happen to please let me no call 9034862705text me please I no this,is a,on going thing I just don't no what gives them the right to say who lives and who dies that God choich and no one else they took a,oth and these people that there doing this to is a,person that is loved by someone and cared for it not a prof to them so just overdose them and there prob is solved this is not right this happen to my wife for being a pastion of Daovita if Texas. Rest in peace my love I am getting thing to gather to prove this happens and did any going to sell all my pro.and spended every doll to stop this from happening to some one else God bless you all no it was edited and posted by her husband James my wife is with God now ahead of time
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    tl;dr.....completely incoherent post.....