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    I have been a patient at Davita for a couple of years now this far have not had any real complaints we have a new coordinator at my center now and she has instructed the staff not to give us ice this might not be a big issue to some people but when first coming to Davita was told it will be provided I mean that's the reason for the machine I can't drink water i'm on the machine for hours at a time I was told I would be able to have ice chips not feeling the community there it was supposed to be it's being seperated by these new rules that they're only in forcing or making a rule in one location if things change they need to change across the board not just the new built less than two years ago
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    FWIW, ice machines are an infection spreader, and are being discontinued and removed from ALL dialysis clinics nationwide.


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      My question is why not have at least cold packs available when necessary for infiltration, swelling etc. To sit there for 4 hours after a bad stick and be told to use ice when you get home doesn't seem the best medically for the patient. I see no reason why Ice machines couldn't be devised or developed that would be safe - of course would have to be safe water, limited access and properly maintained - OK must be an inventor out there - let's see - use distilled water, dispense from small opening, UH - but on the medical side it really does irritate me that nothing is available for when a cannulation goes wrong and I don't care how much current center tells me they don't have it happen my husband has it happen several times a month - thank heaven the catheter is still in.