I had to give up my full time job because I could not work 12 hour shifts any more. It was a huge change of pace going from that to my main "job" being dialysis.

Even though I have now had a transplant I thought I would post my experience here so help keep the DaVita forums active.

I kept myself busy by being online. I found that being online not only filled up my time but brought about the support I had been looking for. Even though I learned that I can't get along with everyone online (just like in my own city, everyone has different personalities after all, so it is only natural to clash with some and to have misunderstandings with others that may never be resolved) I gained such insight and valuable input from my new net friends. I will always treasure the great people I have met on the kidney forums I go to such as the Renal Support Network's KidneySpace or the Florida Based KidneyFun forums which has an arcade or my own site which is Canadian based but open to all. I also kept busy on blogs, online games, and emails.

But I couldn't always get online where I was so I would also watch TV, read books (found it harder once I got my fistula and stopped using a PermCath), listened to music, or sleep (I always found it hard to sleep in the chair).

Sometimes I found it handy to have a pen and paper near me to jot down things on my mind. After all, I was just sitting there anyway. Sometimes I had complaints on my mind that I didn't want to share but helped to get them out. Other times I just felt like keeping busy so I would write what ever came to mind.

I loved it when people would visit but that was so rare. Many units don't allow visitors anyway.