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    I started dialysis in July while in the hospital on a controlled diet and fluid intake (1500 ml) per day. Now that I am home, I seem to fall into my old habits of eating ( not everything I used to eat, but some of what I used to eat) and since I stay thirsty, I seem to drink a lot more water than I should. I LOVE my fruits and vegetables, especially steamed veggies, but I really don't know what fruits and veggies I need to stay away from. I know what I was told, but I have no self control (sad to say, but true). Is anyone else having the same problem? If so, what do you do to control it? Please help. Any advise would be great!

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    I'm guessing you're still on dialysis right? if so, your treatment center should have a dietician that could give you information of what foods are good for you and what you should avoid and/or limit. It's not necessarily that you have to avoid certain foods, just limit. Foods higher in potassium, phosphorus and sodium should be limited. You can probably go online as well and search high potassium fruits and veggies. Do you eat a lot of food high in sodium? If so, that may be one reason why you are so thirsty and drink more than you should. As for the self control, that's a bit harder. I guess the biggest thing you have to think of is do you want to be as healthy as you can and feel better? You have to try to get that self control as tough as it may be. Once you get used to the new way of thinking about food and eating/drinking it does get easier. Do you have someone around that can help keep you in check? Sometimes we just need someone else to say, that's not a good idea! Good luck to you!


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      Corkygirl you could also maybe find a hobby that will keep your mind off of food and so much water? I have certainly done my share of eating what I'm not supposed to, but I'm getting really good at making myself a good meal every day from the recipes on this site, so I'm not quite so hungry all the time. My nephrologist told me to drink 3 bottles of water every day and I USUALLY do that. I just don't get thirsty and get sick of water, so sometimes I only have one or two bottles. Anyway I wish you the best of luck.


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        Corkygirl I forgot to mention that I do a lot of volunteer work at my church. Maybe you could find someplace to volunteer at? My nephrologist gave me a list of fruits and veggies I can eat; the fruit is mostly berries--no melon. Oh I can have apples and grapes too. There is a good Apple Cinnamon dip on this site too that I have with apples. I know beets are very high in potassium, as is asparagus and potatoes. I understand we can have a limited amount of things that fall into a category that we aren't supposed to eat, we just have to watch the portions. In other words, I guess I just try to get away from home and food when I feel the urge to eat. Again, good luck.


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          Just Look at food with high phosphorus and potassium and stay away from them.