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    Many things affect a dialysis patient's dry weight. Fluid is definitely one of the most common factors but so are issues like constipation and the clothing that a person wears. These things factor into how much fluid is taken off. Too much fluid taken off will cause blood pressures to fall, general weakness, nausea, and possibly losing consciousness. In my case I still urinate just fine and I am not on any fluid restrictions by the doctor. Yet if I become constipated or it is cold and I choose to wear something warm, the center doesn't take it into consideration and they end up taking too much fluid off. I bought a scale that reads kilos and weighed my clothes and the techs wouldn't allow me to deduct the weight of the clothes. So I am locked into wearing really light clothing no matter the weather. Does anyone have any ideas

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    Yes your correct sometimes the techs and nurses appear to have a goal and they often want to take off fluid to appease them selves.(weird) Try to wear the same thing every time you weigh. Take your shoes off, wear pajama bottoms and a tee shirt. You decide what to take off because if to much is taken you will feel your heart rate go up or you will cramp. Remember Techs only have to go through a 3 month course or something to be hired to care for you. I have been on dialysis for 2 years and I suggest stop going to sleep, stay awake, read and educate yourself about your disease and treatment. Use a mirror to see the machines to make sure the settings are correct and are set to what you want.. Ask questions, remember they can not feel what your body feels, none of them have never had a 16 guage needle stuck in their arm before./ Ask one them if they know what it feels like and they will say no.


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      I carry a sweater and an extra blanket. I weigh wearing a t-shirt and lightweight pants. Ask a lot of questions! I've found that the techs and nurses give more info than the doctors. You will notice what works for your body. Insist and they will listen