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Review of Davita Dialysis 15212/Pittsburgh Clinic

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  • Review of Davita Dialysis 15212/Pittsburgh Clinic

    I've been a caregiver for a person at the clinic for approximately a year now. I have significant experience in healthcare administration. I've never seen a more unprofessional group of people manage anything let alone a place where dialysis is administered.

    A month after going there, the woman who works as a secretary at the front desk tried to get me to do her taxes for free. She leaves the television tuned to Dr. Phil and refuses to change it because "as long as she's working here she gets to pick what plays". (Her words, not mine.) She is outright cruel to many of the older people who receive care there and is often either yelling at them or making fun of them behind their backs. I often see people ask her how she's doing to find no response. Young black men are the only type of clients that she treats in a friendly manner. She is remarkably inept at her job as well. I'm not sure how she has managed to keep her job.

    The security guard there is similarly remarkably inept. Last month, my friend (who is younger than 30) had an episode after dialysis. By the time he got to his car, he was unable to speak. My friend left the headlights on in his car and proceeded to honk to get attention. The guard was more concerned about my friend's car than my friend. Luckily, my friend lived through that. He very easily could not have.

    One of the Doctors who attends the person I caregive has made so many mistakes and behaved to a remarkably improper degree. The physician has lied several and when called on the lies later proceeded to say that she never provided false information. Also rather than test a living donor for HPV and WNV simultaneously (as it should have been) the doctor performed one test after another which greatly extended the time that the person I caregive required dialysis.

    I see HPAA violated in multiple counts every time I go to the clinic. There are absolutely no screens or methods to prevent others from hearing details about people's lives. I've heard things about people I never want to or should need to know. There is very little respect for the lives of the patients by any of the staff.

    Most of Davita's language is geared towards staying on dialysis (particularly at home) because that's how Davita makes money. They don't emphasize or often even talk about transplants because then you'd be healthy and they'd lose a seat/$.

    The nurses and staff do not wear name tags so it's very common for staff to walk up to your machine and start pressing buttons without formally introducing themselves or even telling you what their job title is.

    When all of these concerns were brought up with the woman that is in charge of administration at the clinic, she pretended to listen to my concerns and then made absolutely no changes. Because at the end of the day, she didn't really care.

    The staff is overworked, underpayed and largely miserable. They make no effort to hide that they are miserable. DaVita has relatively few options for upwards mobility so most people who work there burn out quickly and turn over. Since I've been there, about 6 to 8 staff members have quit to pursue jobs elsewhere.

    There's a very good reason why Davita was on John Oliver. It's amazing there aren't more cases of people seriously getting hurt here.

    If you have the option to receive dialysis anywhere else, I'd recommend doing so.

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    Hello, thank you for your post. I have escalated this feedback to the appropriate team. Please also feel free to reach out to the DaVita Guest Services team at 1-800-400-8331 or

    Thank you,


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      There's not a Fresenius or American Renal in the Pittsburgh area? You can always change clinics, if you're unhappy with the one your friend is at, if there's an available spot for him, of course. I am unsatisfied with my Davita clinic as well. Luckily, Livingston, Texas just built a new Fresenius right next door, so when they finally open up, I am switching immediately.


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        I have had the same experience with Davita in Michigan. Rude, not friendly at all. The female staff there openly flirt with the older men apparently to make them happy I guess. Me, I come there for treatment and just want to get home. At first I would have staff walk up to me, injecting me, taking blood samples until I asked for a meeting. My body, I should be told what you are injecting me with, what the tests are for. Also there is not a need to blurt out my personal information. There was a recent situation last year where it was freezing cold, my public ride was late, very late. I waited in the lobby for my friend pick me up at this point The staff then literally came up to me yelling, you have to leave, you have to leave. I then remarked, it is freezing cold (literally) so you want to put me out? I walked out in the cold and had to wait another 30 minutes for my ride. The next week I was denied service from Davita. It took two months to get service back without a single person taking responsibility for what had transpired. The facility I am at now, we had a meeting and set the expectations. Things are okay but time to time there are lapses. As the person indicated prior, the staff is overworked, underpaid and burnt out. The service they provide you need rested, sharp people. If they make a mistake, someone can die. Davit has the money. I see the bills from Medicare.


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          I was very disturbed to read such a poor review of DaVita. I read a number of reviews online and they seem equally as poor all over the country. I was just recently diagnosed with stage 3 CRF and started using this website last week for my diet. I'm attending a Kidney Smart class next month. I'm curious now to see how that goes. I'm hoping I'll never need dialysis but if I do, I will definitely check out the best place. Thanks for the heads up!


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            Good grief, I sure hope I don't run into anything like you have all been through when it's time for me to go on dialysis! The clinic where my doctor is has a dialysis center and it's a DaVita Center. I have another option of going right down the street from me, but that is run by the hospital and the DeVita and hospital staff don't communicate so I would have to change nephrologists at this late stage. Willfight you are really going to enjoy the Kidney Smart class. I took it about a month ago and we had a very good instructor; I hope yours is as good. Good luck! Chris