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  • Fistula

    I am having a problrm, need advise I had a fistula put in on Dec 20. I was told everything looked good by the surgeon and I can proceed with dialysid. I go to my nephrologist to get started and he said I can't do dialysis based on the outcome of the fistuls. It appeared to be all out of shape looking like a tree with multiple brsnches, so a vascular surgeon put in 2 s tents and again thought I was ready to go. But nope again told there is an issue. Not t sure how to get it correct. May need catheter in neck, seeing vascular doctor again for reevaluation. I amfrstrated. Has anyone had issues with their fistukas?

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    I had a fistula put in and was told by the surgeon that it was fine. When I went back for the 30 day check on it the tests they ran showed that the vein did not run to my heart but instead to my head. I was getting severe headaches from the pressure. I went back to the surgeon who initially told me over the phone he would have to redo the surgery. I met with him as he had also done the surgery for me to go on PD. The tube in my stomach was always sore and infected. He evaluated both of my issues and told me they were fine and that was the price you pay for dialysing. My PD nurse referred me to another surgeon who told me the fistula was only working for the blood in that arm and backing up at my neck. She also found that I had a severe infection in my PD catheter and determined I needed both fixed right away. She did a cuff shaving on my PD tube because the first cuff was trying to push out of my stomach causing constant pain. Her office also found that the fistula vein had a small chance of possible repair. She did a angioplasty on my arm and will do a couple more to open up the vein to work and the cuff shaving so far has been successful with a minor repeat infection. My input would get as many people to look at it that you need until it is right. Maybe your doctor should refer you to a surgeon he works with so the work will be done to his expectation. It seems odd that you would be having that many problems. Ask questions and don't settle. The doctor is not always right!