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Miralax warning - DO NOT take if you have kidney disease.

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  • Miralax warning - DO NOT take if you have kidney disease.

    Constipation is a problem of kidney disease. My family doctor told me to take Miralax. I went to the drug store and got over the counter Miralax. I saw on the label that the only warning on it said " DO NOT take if you have kidney disease." Well, since it was the only disease it warned about, I took the unopened package back to the drug store and got my money back. I brought this up with the kidney doctor when she made her rounds at the Davita clinic and she said she was not aware there was such a warning on the medication. She said they tell their patients to take it all the time and haven't heard of any concerns from those patients. So, I did a web search on it and found a lot of problems with different people about side effects. At the same time, it seems a whole lot of people take it without any side effects at all. Individuals react differently, of course. But, I couldn't find anything about why the manufacturer of the drug has specifically sited kidney disease on the package. There must be a reason.

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    Thanks for the warning.


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      You can have your doctor prescribe Polyethylene Glycol, honest its not antifreeze. It it odorless and tasteless. Hope this helps with those with this uncomfortable.condition.