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Renvella and how to pay for it

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  • Renvella and how to pay for it

    Husband has been on hemo-dialysis for the last 4 years and we had insurance coverage through my employer until this last year. We each got Medicare A-B and a supplemental insurance and a state sponsored drug plan. We just found out that renvella isn't covered and it will cost 500. a month out of pocket to fill. I don't know where to look anymore, I seem to just hit roadblocks for getting help. The company that sells renvella has a payment plan but you have to give them all your financial information.

    Any suggestions out there, including a plan that will accept him. I called one company and when I told them about dialysis and renvella I was told he would be turned down.


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    There is a reason they are turning you down. The following is from Davita's website, "Phosphorus binders work in one of two ways. Some phosphate binders, such as Renvela, work like a sponge and soak up the phosphates in the food so that it doesn’t get into the blood. Instead it is carried through the digestive tract and eliminated in the stool. Other phosphorus binders, such as Fosrenol, Phoslo and Tums, work like a magnet. The phosphorus in the food connects to the phosphorus binder and it is carried through the digestive tract to be eliminated."

    Yes you read that correctly Tums and Rolaids are phosphate binders and will lower you phosphorus levels. Been on dialysis for a couple of months now and phosphorus levels are never a problem, just take a few tums/rolaids (calcium carbonate) with your meals every day and you will be just fine.

    Plus they are a lot cheaper than the prescription ones and work just as well! Good luck.
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      @ Logan That is good information to keep for future reference.


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        Get it through the Davita Pharmacy.