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Need help with constipation while a dialysis patient

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    Brother has issues with constipation. (manual p/d started 2015, changed to h/d at a center later in 2015, and now changing back to cycler p/d). I had read that Florastor was a yeast based probiotic that would survive the antibiotics he had to take on and off during 2015 thru an amputation and various surgeries. His nephrologist, not singling Florastor out, said that sometimes probiotics contribute to constipation. Just curious if anyone else has had that advice.


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      Hi Sister, I have found probiotics to be very beneficial in food digestion and absorption. That being said, when one has had poor digestion prior to taking probiotics, there may be a reduction in the amount of bowel movements because digestion has slowed down, and food is now being absorbed and assimilated as opposed to being passed at a quicker and therefore less productive rate. I don't know your brother's particular symptoms, but that has been my experience.
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        Originally posted by MisterWilliams View Post
        Need recommendations for constipation while on dialysis. Are stool softeners safe? Also, need help for hemorrhoids - is Preparation H safe?
        I think all the answers in this thread are good and I myself take a stool softener since I'm on iron pills, which cause constipation. However I believe you should definitely consult with your nephrologist before taking any meds, prescription or over the counter. That goes for vitamins and supplements.