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Does a Diabetic Person will have Kidney Problem?

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    After 28yrs of being type 1 diabetic, insulin dependent, my kidneys went fast. I was at end stage 5 CKD in about four months. I check my blood glucose at least five times a day. Two months ago I had a heart attack out of no where too. another problem from diabetes. even taking good care of myself, these problems still arise for diabetics. I was told when I got diabetes these things were going to happen to me. It is the Type 1's that have the most health problems from it. As it has been said above the try to keep problems a bay is to keep the glucose level under control as normal as possible.
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      My husband was diagnosed with diabetes in 1997, and maintained a normal weight until a hip surgery went wrong and left him paralyzed on one side from the knee down. In addition, he has fibromyalgia. With God, some therapy and the will to walk again, he is walking w/ a brace. Our PCP gave us kudos on the A1c going from 7.2 to 6.2 to recently 5.2. No one noticed that the kidneys were failing. I reviewed the lab results and brought this to our doctor's attention. I decided to review the last three years. We were told that two of the meds my husband was on were the main contributors of his kidney disease, and he was taken off of Metformin and Meloxicam. My husband took himself off of two additional meds and the doctor had no problem with it because due to his diet changing he has gone from 242 lbs to 198 lbs since May of this year and no longer needed the meds. We have read a couple books, researched online until blue in the face, and attended a kidney Smart class. My husbands labs are all in the normal range including the cholesterol, BUN, and the BUN ratio and his potassium has never been a problem. The creatinine has improved, and we are still working on lowering it further. Our goal is for him to not go from stage 3 to stage 4 so I prepare all of his meals. We basically eat plenty of veges, fruits, a little bread and 2 to 3 oz of meat daily based on his stage 3 and his wt. My husband's biggest problem is that recently he began having episodes of gout. The first one was triggered by eating a sample portion of sausage & a sample of pork chop that a friend had grilled. The sodium on the meat was off the chain. Our doctor confirmed that it was the sodium. The second episode was triggered by salmon, and the 3rd episode was triggered by either turkey or overly processed multi-grain bread. He had these two items back-to-back, and his uric acid level was 2.8 at the time. He is taking Colcrys and Uloric, and we were told that it's not good to take these long term. I remember reading that not all gout patients have high uric acid levels. There is a family history of gout.