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  • Feel like Im nothing

    I get dialysis through cvc My pd immediately got infected. my fistula infiltrated after 3 uses. I had to retire. I can't even maintain my home. My illness list is 1 page long. Im always in bad pain. I live alone.

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    sorry to hear your frustration, im 2 wks post op PD cath and there was no communication with the hospital to the doctors so i had no idea my cath had to be flushed im new to all of this, so i went today to finally get my line flushed and to find out i alrdy have an infection, im beyond frustrated at this point and upset that there was no communication, i also feel like im nothing after finding out i had stage 5 kidney disease i felt like life was over but im gonna keep a positive attitude and try to try it out, im praying for the best and i pray things get better for you, always think positive, your more than welcome to talk to me if you ever need to