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  • Tired

    I am so tired after dialysis that I go home and basically go to bed and wake up about 4am

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    I've been on dialysis for over a year and at first I was tired. I use to feel beat up. But now I have all kinds of energy. I gave up cooking ,which I loved, for most of the first year. Now I go home and start preparing meals again. I don't know what happened but my wife comments on my abundance of energy this past couple of months. I hardly spent time in bed now and stay up all night with only 2 hours sleep. I just accepted it and my life has turned around. But good luck to you.


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      You're lucky you sleep a decent amount of hours. I can fall asleep then I'm right back up! Its a huge bummer. What's your secret?


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        I've been an HHD patient for around 2-1/2 years and have as much energy now as I had before beginning hemodialysis. I did not have any physical symptoms of ESRD at the time I started HHD training, though my GFR was 9 and creatinine in the 6's. My polycystic kidneys still have enough residual function to produce adequate amounts of urine and limit my need for EPO to 2000 IU every three weeks.

        I rarely have sleep issues after performing an evening short daily treatment, usually wrapping up just before bed time. I usually come off the NxStage System1 cycler with excess energy and have to engage in busy work just before lights out to "decompress". Nocturnal treatments are more challenging to getting a sound night's sleep. I will usually wake up after 3 or 4 hours of nocturnal dialysis and then struggle somewhat to go back to sleep. Rarely will this struggle require sitting up and reading myself back to sleep. I may wake up more than once during a nocturnal treatment that usually lasts 6 to 7 hours of "sleep". I attributed this to the change in blood chemistry that occurs as the toxins and fluid are removed from my blood.


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          Yep, that is me. I've been on dialysis for two and half years and rarely get any sleep. When I do sleep I'm still exhausted. I feel like I was hit by a truck after dialysis and might crash for two hours. Then I'm up all night but horribly tired. I read, I do genealogy online and I watch tv but can't sleep. I never nap during the day and feel exhausted 24 hours a day.