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Hot flushes after dialysis

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  • Hot flushes after dialysis

    I'm 34 years old and was diagnosed of CKD 2 years ago. June 2016 my creatinine reached 5.7 and was told that I should start dialysis or else my other organs could get damaged by the toxins in my blood. I didn't want that to happen so I had my dialysis done rightaway. My body became worse though, since I started dialysis I always feel hot flushes on my entire body. And I mean from head to foot. Like my body is so hot on the inside! Not only that I always have palpitations which I never experienced before my dialysis. I felt like it was too early for me to go through dialysis and was just rushed to do it. Now i can't work because I always feel drained out. And I've been feeling worse

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    Hi phate0428, thank you for sharing and welcome to myDaVita! I'd recommend speaking with your local care team - they can help ensure you're as comfortable as possible and answer any questions you have as everyone's needs are different. I hope it gets better!


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      I am sorry you feel so bad with dialysis. Talk to your Neph. it could just be your body adjusting to dialysis or it could be meds you are on. Talk to your dr and let them know of all your symptoms don't leave anything out because no matter how small it is it could mean something. Sorry I couldn't help more. Maybe someone else on here can help you more. Good Luck