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  • help/advice please for mother

    advice please

    Hi my mother is on CAPD Dialysis for a bout a year now and is suffering from chronic back pains & Very Itchy/Irritated Skin all day and night and barely sleeps at all and is to the point i massage her multiple times a day just to relieve the pain mildy. she is a strong person(i assume most of u must be aswell) and can manage the not eating and the "DRAIN PAINS" and all the infections a long the way, but the pain between shoulders middle back and lower back is so strong she literally sleeps a hour at max between bags in which i watch her move around in her sleep only to wake in more pain. PLEASE and THANKYOU In ADVANCE for any help opinions or advice its greatly appreciated.(she is a" natural type" person and doesnt like or allowed too many pain killers). thanks

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    Hi Jake,
    You have described the same problem with my father went through last year. I can understand your emotions. I was also depressed that time as I was not able to analyze what should I do for my father to get him in normal condition. After consulting many professional doctors, I came to know that hydrotherapy and hot water massage helps in better way in back pain by rejuvenating body cells and maintaining proper blood flow. But it was quite difficult for me to make my father travel daily to therapy centres for hydro massage. So on therapist recommendation, I have installed a Walk in tubs Gelndale which provides hydrotherapy along with heated seats for one to cure his back pain. From the day he started using hydro massage, he has found relief from his back pain and can now sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. I think you should also try the tub out for your mother and see the result. Might be she can get help with this.
    Take care.


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      For the itchy skin I use Nivea cream,real helpful for super dry skin. My nephrologist told me Aveno cream,but that gives me allergy. Either one will work. Plus, Nivea cream sells a small to-go one that is sold at most Target stores. Itchy skin could come from removing too much water, or eating too much phosphorus. Take a water bottle to dialysis, because dehydration is bad for your body,especially your heart! About a huge portion of your body is made of water,esp. your blood most of all. 😃
      And phosphorus can be eaten, but its all about Portion Control! & take 2 bites & take your binder so its mixed with your food. Yourself as a patient knows yourself BEST, no doc,friend, dietitian, or even family member; you are the only one 24/7 with yourself. Medical team has tons of patients, not just yourself! I learned that lesson the hard way.😞 I used Google to my advantage, and searched my type of kidney failure, all I could find about my diet,ask all questions about my health, transplant, fav foods,etc. Got informed! Even my parents and they hate technology. 😅 You have to become your own private personal doctor. Only you are the only one with yourself 24/7. Try finding an Asian massage place, they are great with finding what's wrong with you or if you have knots for body's stress (dialysis is stressful on the body), and very relaxing I find it too! Also, I recommend drinking water after a massage or any type of therapy. Cleanses the body. Vist a Chiropractor at least once a month if possible, really helpful, cleanses the body & destresses the joints,muscles, bones,& nerves. Any more advice, write me at : Happy to help! Been on dialysis for 13yrs now. You need to start loving and pampering yourself! I see this as a long movie, but a long unwanted vacation. You got to see the positive side and have faith & lots of hope. Our mind is a powerful thing! We can use it for good to become better or bad,and get sicker; its really up to you! I wish you all the best, god bless. 🤓👋