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  • Dialysis and the Money

    I just wrote in my blog about Dialysis and the Money... how being a private insurance patient can be your Golden Ticket to a dialysis center. If you're on private pay and haven't converted to Medicare, you need to read this. Even if you're on Medicare, you should know this so you can tell others. See my posting at

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    Thanks for the info, Devon. I have yet to start dialysis, and your post about the 'games' dialysis centers play gives me something to watch for, when the time comes. When my mother's kidneys failed, she often used the time on dialysis to sort through the pile of medical bills and transcripts that her condition produced, and she found many, many errors and duplications. Almost on a weekly basis, she was on the phone to either the hospital billing department or the insurance company or Medicare sorting out billing errors, regardless of whether it affected her or not. It's funny, but after about 6 months, the 'errors' reduced to very few, and she was of the opinion that over-billing was in fact deliberate in the case of newer, inexperienced patients still on private insurance plans.

    On a tangent, it's really sad that our medical payment system is so inefficient that it rewards providers who obfuscate the process at the patient's expense. I have a cousin who lives in Ontario, Canada, where OHIP, the provincial 'socialized' insurance plan provides for almost EVERY medical need, often without co-pays. And, for our public-private mess of a system, we pay MORE per capita than in any 'developed' country, and often get less in service provided.