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Insurance Options Under 65 ESRD

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  • Insurance Options Under 65 ESRD

    Hello Everyone, I have been on dialysis for two years since losing my kidneys during chemotherapy. I am currently on COBRA coverage (primary) and eligible for Medicare (currently secondary). At the end of the 29 month extension period, next April, Medicare will be primary. I live in Virginia, which, I think, does not offer Medigap for people under 65. I am very worried about my insurance options and out of pocket costs once Medicare becomes primary, and no secondary to supplement the 20% coinsurance that could add up to tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention drug costs.

    I was hoping somebody had been in the same boat like I did, and would be willing to offer some advice as to which insurance options I should consider. I heard that individual policies may be my only option. Is that right? I heard not so great things about Carefirst PPO, and of course, I don't even know if they would accept me. I'd assume that the premiums would be high too like $800 / month. Your suggestions would be very appreciated.

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    I am sort of in a similar situation. I'm 63 my husband works but soon will be retiring, he provides me with my primary insurance my secondary is Medicare Disability. He will be retiring next year. Also need to know my options when I no longer have that primary insurance. Thanks for posting your inquiry.