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    I have stage 4 renal disease with eGFR of 13. Recently I had an episode with a kidney stone that had me off work for a few days. Then recently, I was off for a week after dialysis port placements for HD and PD; and a hernia repair. Yesterday, when I went back to work, I was told that my position was terminated for poor job performance. They did not give me details on the poor job performance. We really know why. They left me with no income and no insurance, knowing my illness. How cruel!!

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    First thing you need to do is go file a claim at your nearest EEOC office. You may also wish to start a suit with a labor attorney, but if your EEOC claim has merit, let that get going first. If it is ruled in your favor, you will find getting an attorney on contingency a lot easier. You are GUARANTEED 3 months medical leave. You need to sue the b*****ds.
    Also, check with your local Medicaid office-often people who are unemployed qualify immediately.


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      I'm so sorry you have had to experience something like that on top of CKD itself. If you do have any proof, and can show merit, (I'm no lawyer) you probably have a very good chance at getting something out of this.


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        What second poster said. Gather up your documentation and file with EEOc or state equivalent. You could start talking to an attorney but as I believe EEOC investigation is discoverable, they will usually wait until EEOC or state finds cause or issues a right to sue ( they find nothing but you can then file your civil suit). I'm not sure of the size of your employer, but they could have broken the law. I'm so sorry this happened to you.