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    Support and assistance, oh Thank you!....I'm new to all of this,,,think maybe I stuck my head in the sand too long.
    I am shocked at how many people say call at any time and I'll help and then when you do ask they are all busy and fail to assist...not big things...maybe just to open a jar...or a ride to the store and help bringing groceries.
    I love my independence and am till able to do most things for myself, but sometimes I just can't and the human race is really beginning to make me sick.
    So here are a few questions....
    #1 Do you know of a online support group? Maybe chat room?
    #2 how do you cope with the frustration of losing your independence?
    #3 Is there an easy way to comfort those who do not understand you can die?
    #4 Do you have ideas of where to get financial or home health assistance?
    #5 Resources for teenagers whose parents are in renal failure?
    #6 I live in wine country,, it's all about pinot noir and do you politely refuse all these invites when you know it will be hard to abstain?

    The questions may seem silly, but I want to be able to make everyone happy..I'm a people pleaser.
    Saying Thank You to God for everyday I wake and place my feet on the ground.