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Transplant risk?

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  • Transplant risk?

    Have had dialysis 7 times. I feel repeated human for first time in years. Signed up at Henry's ford for transplant. I can deal with small time but is the risk of transplant worth the risk

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    Having researched this subject I've found it to be scary to say the least.
    Many ...I say again many things are considered before putting you on the list.
    Myself having had cancer in past is a big factor.
    I think a person has to make a choice of quality of life..
    Dialysis every other day is not a great way to live but it is living.
    Every person has risk levels to take with transplant obvious that lower risk people should go for it.
    For me....I believe living the longest life will be on dialysis risk of problems from transplant are high an could shorten life
    Research research research
    Then decide what's best for you.


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      I am 86, been on PD for 2 years and 10 months, each day I when I wake up and I remember how difficult it was before my therapy. Thankful for my caring Dr. and her crew of wonderful care givers. I wish everyone with this problem enjoys their life as I do mine! My dentist 27 years old had a transplant one year ago and she is doing great, still practicing, so never give up hope!
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        There are a few things that increase the risk of having a transplant. The most common way this happens is through the use of certain medications. This can happen while you’re taking any prescription drugs like antidepressants, blood pressure medications, and painkillers.
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