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  • Hi everyone

    I have had a stable but low gfr (49) and a slightly elevated creatinine 1.5-1.6 for my last three blood tests. Does anyone know if this is something to get checked out at a nephrologist? My PCP says these numbers are "normal" for me, however everything I have read consider my numbers as stage 3a. Since my PCP thinks I'm evidently a special case with weird numbers, she has decided not to suggest any further investigation. Anyone with an opinion?

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    Your age may be a factor. My father is 76 and his PCP is keeping an eye on his gfr and labs. He has seen a nephrologist, but does not seem too concerned with where his labs are at and at his
    stage in life. I am 48 and I see a nephrologist every 3 months. We both have a gfr of 48 and my creatinine is 1.8 IN MY OPINION, there is no such thing as "weird numbers" They are what they are. I was told I was a rare case as well, but it is because of what is causing my kidney disease, Not because my numbers are weird for my age.


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      I agree with dlvern4 regarding the strange numbers. Maybe it's time to get a second opinion by another nephrologist. One thing you will notice though, it seems like PCP's and Nephs aren't very concerned about stage 3 CKD patients. They usually say it's up to you to try to control the numbers through diet and exercise. Avoid NSAIDs and other damaging kidney meds. Talk to a renal dietician. This is what I've heard from the several the Nephs I saw. My current Neph is also my family doctor. I like this setup because now I don't have to worry about a PCP prescribing meds that my Neph disagrees with. Plus, when I go for my semi-annual checkup I get charged a regular doctor's visit fee instead of a specialist! All around it's a win win situation.