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7 common bad habits for eyes

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  • 7 common bad habits for eyes

    7 common bad habits for eyes

    Whether you're a nail-biter, a tailgater, or an interrupter, you probably don't notice your bad habits until someone else points them out.
    Well, we're going to be "that person" and call attention to a few shortcomings you might need to shake.
    And there's no surprise here—each of these habits is taking a toll on your eyes.

    Francesca Johnson, a VSP doctor at Branford Optometric Associates in Branford, CT helped us nail down these
    7 common bad habits for eyes and their negative effects.
    How many have you fallen prey to lately?

    Sleeping in contacts ~~~ Less oxygen flows to the cornea when contacts sit on the eyes overnight.
    Over time, this can cause infection, red eyes, excess tearing, and other corneal damage.

    Ditching sunglasses ~~~ Damage from UV rays can lead to blindness, inflammation of the cornea and
    conjunctiva, permanent damage, and a possible risk of melanoma.

    Sleeping in your makeup ~~~ Residual eye makeup is a prime target for bacterial growth
    and can lead to infection, brittle lashes, and irritated and dry skin around the eyes.

    Re-using contact lens solution ~~~ Contact solution loses its disinfectant quality when you reuse it.
    Contaminants can stick to your contact case, polluting clean solution and posing a threat of infection.

    Smoking ~~~ Smoking increases your risk of heart disease, cataracts,
    age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and cancer.

    Eating junk ~~~ Consistently poor food choices amplify the likelihood of developing conditions like diabetes,
    high blood pressure, glaucoma, AMD, high intraocular pressure, and blindness.

    Losing sleep and stressing ~~~ Lack of sleep and high stress can cause dry eyes, under eye bags,
    hypertension, bloodshot eyes, blurry vision, eyelid twitching, and eye strain.
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    Really I don't have all these habits, instead of that my eye-sight is so weak. Why?


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      Water is coming from my eyes rather than I am not affecting from these all habits. Which reason is responsible for it?