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Diabetes~~ eat and feel energized

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  • Diabetes~~ eat and feel energized

    If you've been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes (high blood sugar), you know the food you eat - along with diabetes medications, exercise, sleep patterns and more - plays a leading role in how well your blood sugar is controlled. That can make selecting the right meals and snacks seem more complicated than ever. But choosing a diabetes-friendly diet doesn't need to be overwhelming.

    Stable Sugar, Improved Energy
    "Sometimes, people with diabetes become fearful of eating," says Virginia-based registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD, CDE. "It's not uncommon for a person to eat the same four or five ‘safe' meals all the time." And while figuring out those three squares is key, finding snacks that won't send your sugar soaring is equally important. The right choices can help you keep up your energy, manage hunger, and even control blood sugar levels, says Weisenberger.

    5 Keys to Snacking Success
    When choosing a snack, keep these tips in mind
    1. Only reach for a bite if you are going several hours between meals and need to keep your blood sugar from falling, or to keep you from getting too hungry (which inevitably will set you up to overeat at your next meal).
    2. Stick with a snack-sized portion, not a mini-meal. Aim for 100-200 calories total in your snack, or slightly more if you are very active.
    3. Look for foods that fill in nutritional gaps. "Most people don't get enough fruits and vegetables, so every meal and snack can be an opportunity to fix this problem," says Weisenberger.
    4. Choose snacks that contain both protein and fiber, two ingredients that will fill you up and keep you satisfied until your next meal.
    5. If you are munching because you are hungry but your blood glucose is at target or even high, choose a snack that is low in carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar from going any higher.

    Check Your Numbers

    Only you can determine what the best snacks are for you; so measure your blood glucose before you eat and again two hours later. Read on for some of our favorite sugar-stabilizing snacks (they're great even if you don't have diabetes, too!)
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