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Should I be concerned my Doctor thinks I'm nervous?

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  • Should I be concerned my Doctor thinks I'm nervous?

    Doctor calls me nervous. I call it being concerned! Wanting to do what is the best for my health. I'm not concerned what the doctor calls it. As long as it won't affect the type of care I get in the future.

    My GFR is 44 and the only thing that is out of whack. Is a fair amount of Protein in the urine. If the day comes that I need a kidney. I don't want this so called "nervous" perception being a factor that would not allow me to be listed.
    Stage 3 (GFR 35) & Diabetes.

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    Re: Should I be concerned my Doctor thinks I'm nervous?

    Hello TRB,

    I do not consider it nervous tghat your doctor calls it. If he had the same GFR he would be nervous also. With a GFR of 44 it is ok to be concerned. My GFR is 39 and I too get nervous. The best thing we can do is to watch the diet and keep down the amount of protein that we eat. I have improved my numbers with correct diet. Yes, it means a sacrifice of many of the foods, but it beats the alternative.

    Good Luck and Be Well!



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      Re: Should I be concerned my Doctor thinks I'm nervous?

      Guys, Nervous or not, proactive is what you need to be.
      Depending upon age those GFRS are good. but if you're 20 not so. The Dr. and you are much more concerned about trends. Keep records and if possible create them from old tests. The GFR that continually goes down for years in a row is not good news, unless it goes own the average amount for a male or female of your age.
      Get a good education on your kidneys, and others, keep a record book, keep diet, fluids, exercise and attitude on track and you'll make it thru and get hit by a truck at 92.
      May God have mercy on us all


      Idiopathic globular membranous nephritis 1999-2006
      Feb 2006 Dx about 1-2 yrs before dialysis. Dialysis start 6-2006
      Chest Cath 4 mos in center hemo dialysis
      Fistula, button holes, self stick days 07-09 in center hemo
      Graft nocturnal hemo 4Q09 to present


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        Re: Should I be concerned my Doctor thinks I'm nervous?

        Been mid 40's for a few years. 55 in 2005. I had a couple lower GFR's with the lowest being 35. But that was 3 labs ago and after a old man check. They think I was dehydrated, 49 & 44 since then. Other than the protein spillage, which is a fair amount. In the range it has been for a couple years. All the other labs are in the normal range. I'm 47 years old. On an insulin pump that has really helped control blood glucose. I just think they think it is funny to be worried. I may worry more than others! But my goal is to never need dialysis or put it off to the point of a new treatment option is available. Doc might see someone a lot worse off than I, And I feel for them, but I want to do all I can to maintain. I do a lot of mountain bike riding, which I think has helped both the diabetes and CKD. Still need to get some pounds off though.
        Stage 3 (GFR 35) & Diabetes.