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    I came across a new member who had trouble posting here. Just a quick comment and maybe a senior member or moderator/admin could jump in and help here too. If you post a message on your own profile page no one will see it. You need to be on the front forum page and pick a thread, then sub-thread and click on that and post your reply/comment. If you post a message on your own profile page no one will see it there. That page is for private or open posting between you and another individual. You can also post a new sub thread if you select a thread and then click on the blue new thread tab up in the left corner area of the page. Hope this helps. I was new to forums when I started here at the Davita site and it can sure be confusing until you get the hang of it!
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    Re: Posting messages

    You've got it and explained it very well. When I began posting a few years ago I also had problems. I eventually figured it out and we might make it a point to mention the "how" to post once in a while.
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      Re: Posting messages

      Thank you for this. I know I had to walk one man through where to post so I know what you mean Cathy. Sometimes the more experienced of us take for granted that people know the ins and outs of forums so I am happy to see understanding and patient people like you who take the time to explain.

      I hope an admin stickies this thread.
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        Re: Posting messages

        Thank you for this assistance This is my first post here. I have a question, and dk where to put, so I "replied" on yours, to make it easy for me to get in.
        If someone is on dialysis, & that cleans the blood, is it possible for toxins to be transmitted through saliva? Not as in STD, or kidney disease transmittable, just
        plain & simple - "is it sanitary"?

        Thank you all for your help!


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          Re: Posting messages

          answered in another thread.
          Please note: Any advice given is given from my own experience and not medical advice.