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    I am looking for someone with experience in training and/or doing In Center Self Dialysis. I am not in the program to do home dialysis. I will be staying at my facility where I will eventually do everything but connect my lines and remove myself from the machine since I will have techs and nurses available to do the things that I do not need to do. For now, I am in plan 4 where I cannulate myself, set my own parameters on my machine, push my own heparin, and document my own pre and post tx information. While I do push my own heparin, my nurses still push my dialysis meds.

    While I wait for a proctor to be free to train me for plan 5(setting up and tearing down machine), the question came up as to whether in the state of Illinois a patient can legally verify his/her own reuse kidney. If so, how would that be arranged in the ChairSide Snappy program for the patient to be able to do his/her own electronic data collection and dialyzer verification?

    So my main questions are: 1) Does the State of Illinois allow patients to verify their own reuse dialyzers? 2) Does ChairSide Snappy allow for self-care patient limited access rights for data collection and dialyzer verification? 3) If 1 and 2 are "Yes", when in his/her training can the patient be given this access? 4) If only 2 is "No", what plan allows for the patient and teamate to sign off on hardcopy form if the patient can't sign off electronically? Also, does a nurse always have to be the second verifyer, or can a tech be the second verifyer.

    For now, I have to have a Nurse or Tech who puts me on or takes me off, sign my data collection sheet. It then gets filed in a folder located where any patient can open it up and look at my information. I have yet to address that issue, but for now I just need my curiosity satisfied. We are all new to this program, so we are learning as we go with me as the guinea pig. Thank you in advance to whoever can answer this question.
    GW McQuire