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I called the 1-88-mykindey for info classes

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  • I called the 1-88-mykindey for info classes

    They seem to be held at the Davita Nephrologists. I gave my info and the group (leader?) is going to call me about when the group classes will be held.

    I have no support here, the only place I have to go is this forum. I have no family interest in helping, or being there for me. I don't mind, they were the same way when my mother had cancer and died. So, I know that this is "normal" for them. I could cry about it, or shrug that is the hand I've been dealt. I did have some pity parties, but no one came.

    One thing I want to learn at the class is when to approach my Nephrologist about options. He comes in, checks my blood pressure, asks a few questions and tells the front desk when he wants to see me again. So, I want to go to my next appointment prepared with tips and how-tos.

    I'm felling better, but I fell off the quit smoking wagon. I will try again soon. As the say "Quit smoking, and never stop quitting!

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    Re: I called the 1-88-mykindey for info classes

    Irodeb, we will always be here for you, no matter what.
    I keep a notebook handy so that when I think of something I want to ask my neph, or pcp, I write it down.


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      Re: I called the 1-88-mykindey for info classes


      I do make a list of questions for my nephrologist so I am prepared when I go to see him. I try to make sure that the doctor makes time enough to answer them all and fortunately have not had a problem with that.

      It seems there are a number of good support groups, including this one and We are all here to help support each other.

      Hang in there.



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        Re: I called the 1-88-mykindey for info classes

        I know how you feel as in my area there is nothing neither. So this is why I had started my own site back in 2001 and then like Cheri said there is now many other kidney sites like and and of course this one. But you are looking for something right in your own area to connect with .. more than just online is what you mean right? I know one person had talked to their renal social worker and started a group in their own area as they saw one lacking. They wondered if they were the only one who needed it but soon quite a few people got together and they learned from each other.

        Talking to others will help you know what to ask your Nephrologist same with different things people are talking about online. Also I always ask for a copy of my blood labs results as I want to know and be apart of my care so I can ask questions about the results.
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