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You're going to die the way you live

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  • You're going to die the way you live

    "You're going to die the way you live," says Fran Moreland Johns, a former hospice volunteer and author of "Dying Unafraid." "Laughter, music, all of the things that have been important in your life -- if you put them to work for making your end times better, you can actually affect your dying days."........


    P.S. Not kidney related but certainly related to long term care and can apply to how patients on dialysis can cope.
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    Re: You're going to die the way you live

    Gustine - sort of reminded me of the book "Tuesdays With Morrie" - this guy was dying and all he could do was give good advice about how to live. Yes, I agree, live while you pass the should give everyone a different perspective on how life is to be lived whether you have a disease or not.


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      Re: You're going to die the way you live

      Wow you are so on point, especially with (hopefully) Spring coming.
      I want to quit working and just spend time with the people I love, doing lovely things.
      Thanks for the insights.



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        Re: You're going to die the way you live

        I'm a good one to remind people of this as I'm not the "perfect human". However, we are to love each day....forgive each day (and this includes ourselves)..we are to touch each day (whether it's with the good people or the bad people)...a simple smile is all that is needed...instead of using your finger to promote the person next to you in traffic - wave and smile...smell the the squirrels...remember you are the reflection - reflect your light back onto someone else - perhaps just once it may change a person's life.

        We as a society are in such a rush - a rush to get in line - a rush to buy the next toy - a rush to move up the ladder. Have anyone of us considered the time wasted rushing to what we want out of life? The older I get, the more I see that the simplistic life appeals more to me. I agree with Blue Eyes - I would love to simply quit the rat race, sit down and absorb the surroundings. Soak it up and get the soul that's there. The world is so empty with it's greed and selfishness, that we all forget to LIVE. And before we know it, we are attending funerals, never having the chance to say "goodbye".

        The guy in that interview and even Morrie lived through his disease. Never surrendering to it, but giving life the best shot even while struggling to the end. As Easter approaches, I pray that all of us slow down and observe our families, friends, pets and even co-workers and bosses. Happy Easter to all ! One Day at a Time !


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          Re: You're going to die the way you live

          My perspective certainly has changed since I have been diagnosed with CKD. No more rush, rush, rush. The traits that I use to have, I see in my siblings and in some of the friends. Life is precious, unfortunately, sometimes it takes a life changing event to show folks that there is more to life than 'the bottom line' or material possessions.

          I try to pull the positive out of everything and the gift that I have received from being diagnosed with CKD is the gift to appreciate life and notice the little birdie, the blue sky and to hear the wind and rain and to really listen to what others have to say. Isn't that what Jesus wants us to learn? I think so.

          Thanks Gustine for starting this discussion, thanks bikerchick for your point of view, I am always interested in what you have to say and thanks bluekeys for your valuable inputs! Happy Easter everyone!