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Refusal to dialyze me because of chicken pox

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  • Refusal to dialyze me because of chicken pox

    I went to dialysis friday and they refused to dialyze me because I have chicken pox. Is this the normal reaction to chicken pox? I had to go to the hospital to dialyze, and am not sure what's going to happen monday. They want to find me an isolation room. If I go to an isolation room at another dialysis center won't that expose me to hepatitis B? Any comments would be appreciated.

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    personaly I wouldn't want you to dailyze near me if you have chicken pox. I have not had chicken pox and it can kill some people. The risk would just be to high for me. I would assume that they would check you into the hospital and do dialysis there. Take into consideration the risk you would be putting others at if you dialyze next to them. I hope for you the very best.