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advice need in dealing with my husdand diease

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  • advice need in dealing with my husdand diease

    We just just found out three month ago that my husband has end stage renal diease and i am having a hard time with knowing how to help him. I worry all the time that something bad is going to happen to him .

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    There are steps you can take to help and they involve self-education. I think one of the best resources around is Kidney School. This is a self taught system that enhances understanding of the whole process. Google "Kidney School" and you will find it.


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      Scary to be on dialysis

      For a person that was used to a lot of travelling to have to cope with dialysis is quite overwhelming. In Canada patients have to stay put in their own city.
      The plan to go to Florida for annual vacation seams to be quite a new experience.
      New on dialysis....everything has to be learned and the more you do the better.
      Does anyone know of in-centers clinics near Hallandale taking visitors during the X-mas vacation. Anything about costs and procedures or how to register.
      So far most centers require detailed info on length of stay., That's where it is difficult to plan since you have to make sure you get dialysis before planning the trip. It's like running a dog running after it's tail.


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        One reference for finding centers when on vacation is at Their phone number is 1-800-244-0680
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