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GFR and kidney function

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  • GFR and kidney function

    Okay, I have a few questions regarding GFR and kidney function. Is kidney function always the same number as GFR? For example, a GFR of 58 is 58 percent kidney function, isn't it? But I also have now seen a higher GFR of 100 when kidney function can only be 100 percent maximum, and 100 percent kidney function is perfect and normal. Is any kidney function lower than 100 percent about chronic kidney disease? I can understand that as we age kidney function lowers, so kidney function at a lower GFR normalizes as we age, and as a result of this seniors are most at risk for CKD. And therefore, we have the GFR calculator about age as a major factor in calculating GFR. Any below the minimum GFR for men and women is then chronic kidney disease, isn't it? Is GFr the same number as percentage of kidney function or are the two different numerations? How exactly is it in kidney function and GFR?

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    They do your GFR by what your creatinine levels are. So if your GFR is 40 then your kidneys are functioning at 40%. As your creatinine goes up your GFR goes down. Yes as you age and other factors like sex and race have a part in what your GFR is. There is a tool on here that if you know your creatinine is they will calculate your GFR for you. Some people are at more at risk for CKD than others because of age, sex, race, other health issues, High blood pressure and diabetes are the #1 cause for CKD. If your GFR is at 100 your kidney function is at 100%. I hope this helps. Some of your questions are kind of confusing. Good Luck