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Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan - Build A Meal Pattern For Stage 3 or 4 Kidney Disea

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  • Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan - Build A Meal Pattern For Stage 3 or 4 Kidney Disea

    I released a new book in the last couple of weeks, and it is about how to Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan, and it's available on Amazon.

    Here is the link to the kindle:

    Here is the link to the paperback book:

    The book contains information about how to build a meal plan from scratch. And it has a great spreadsheet to use to plan the meals for the day. It will take some work, but you can use the information and build a good plan. It has a lot of valuable information on how to work it out for yourself or your family member you are caring for.

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    If you have this book, could you let us know just how detailed it is, especially on protein/potassium/phosphorus amounts of prepared foods? I have that Johns Hopkins book that has several pages on general levels of certain foods, but what would REALLY be helpful is a "deal-a-meal" sort of plan, or something similar. Currently, I tweak my diet slightly depending on my latest monthly blood work numbers.

    BTW, this is also helpful for those on dialysis, who, (despite suggestions to the contrary) wish to limit themselves to only 2 sessions a week. This is possible, if you watch your diet very carefully. I know, because my mother managed to do this.


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      The book has several pages of foods listed by nutrient - so a list sorted by sodium, a list sorted by potassium and a list by phosphorus. So you get pages of nutritional information to use.
      The "deal a meal" plan is a great idea for a future book! I am going to work on that for the next work I do. Thanks.