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The kidney diet solution by duncan capicchiano,

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  • The kidney diet solution by duncan capicchiano,

    Has anyone bought and tried the Kidney

    Diet Solution?
    Stage 3, non diabetic GFR 37

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    Hello Bebe,

    I recently bought the Kidney Disease Solution by Duncan Capicchiano for my father who has chronic stage 5 kidney disease. It is a good book, and he outlines exactly the herbal remedies, teas, and foods that you should be consuming (ex: alkaline foods) in order to help heal the kidneys.

    As he is in Australia, it is important to contact a local naturopath here in the US so that they can help you out and check out his program because kidney disease is a sensitive matter and herbs especially, should be used with caution.

    I am in the process of discussing the diet with my naturopath to make sure that she can monitor my father and check to see if the diet and supplements are going well. As to the efficacy of the program, I do not know, because my father has yet to start it. Once he does start, and if I see any drastic improvements I will post back here and let you know.

    The program itself contains a lot of good information about the kidneys, so I do recommend buying it and giving it a try yourself, especially since you are at Stage 3, and are not in such serious condition as my father. For you there is still a considerable amount of time to help heal your kidney, as you are not as limited in terms of food as those in late chronic kidney failure.

    All the best,



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      Well I have just bought his ebook and am going to buy all the vitamins and herbs he mentions so will give it a try. Hell, you can only try can't you. I have scoured the internet to see if this is a scam of sorts but so far have found nothing negative and all positive. Angelbaby23 I look forward to hearing how your father gets on with this and I will most certainly report my progress. For the record, I am also 'only' CKD3a but I don't want my kidneys to get any worse and hope to live a long and healthy life like my parents did (both died in their 90s).

      Best wishes


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        When it comes to Duncan Capicchiano I would err on the side of caution regarding his kidney cure. Two and a half years ago when I found out I had CKD stage 3 I started looking high and low on the internet for any and all info regarding this disease. Mr Capicchiano's website(s) came up often and I almost press the "buy now" button. But I decided to look into it further. You know the saying "if it's too good to be true, it probably is". I wanted to try to find out if his program is a scam or legit. The only thing I found was many websites looking like they were reviews of his product and towards the end there was always a link to his site to buy his book. Even the sites that were addressing if his program is a scam or not ended up being his sites. I decided to look up Mr. Capicchiano on Linkedin and I found him. He hasn't been involved in naturopathy since 2011. His current bread and butter career is website SEO (search engine optimization). This explains why all the review and scam sites are linked back to his main site. He's using SEO tricks to funnel people to his main site. I messaged several YouTube people that were promoting his program and I received absolutely no replies. Seems a bit fishy eh!?

        For those of you that bought his book please keep us posted if you are experiencing positive results. My findings are leaning more towards this is a scam. If the program revolves around an alkaline diet then I will save my $60. I did read he has some super secret tea that cures CKD. I would like to find out what this tea is. I wonder if it includes baking soda and/or lemon in it since those two ingredients can be added to liquid to turn it alkaline.
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          FWIW, anybody who claims to be able to "cure" kidney disease is a charlatan.


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            Preach on dac0214!!! But, if this guy's book does have positive results I would definitely like to know. And I would like to hear from credible people. Not someone that's part of Mr. Capicchiano's posse. I found out through my own research many foods that benefit the kidneys and help improve my function. I'm open to all suggestions as long as it's not a snake oil salesman. If this guy is a scam artist then it's up to us (the CKD PKD community) to squash this guy's website(s) and his claim for a cure so no one else wastes their money and/or have false hopes. We are going through enough dealing with this disease. We don't need someone preying upon us as well.


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              I agree! I am a skeptic and it did not sound good to me at all. I keep thinking about the dr. that told Charlie Sheen he would cure his HIV. Well he didn't and it came back with a vengeance. He was out for money and fame, that's all. So I say continue to do research, work with your Nephrologist, and be good to your body with the right kinds of food, exercise and meds. Of course all circumstances are different but education is the key! I will also be checking back to see if this actually worked.