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Happy Holidays! to my Davita Family

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  • Happy Holidays! to my Davita Family

    Just want to share, that my 2nd book - My Twenty Year Journey with PKD in the Dialysis World - is available on ebook - it is an inexpensive way to own my book, you can also google my name and book titles, where you will find varies online bookstores and outlets, that have discounted my books, as well as my 2nd book on ebook. If you own a touchscreen tablet of such, or a kindle, nook, or even a ipad, any electronic mechanism for dowloading books, my book will be a perfect download for pending dialysis pts. as well as the fairly new dialysis pts. that could potentially benefit from my many years of dialysis history and knowledge. I have shared my entire 20 year journey in my second book, as well as my pre-dialysis days, that have truly improved so much since my diagnose of ESRD in 1990, and as an added bonus i share an array of renal friendly recipes, with nutrtional facts to accomodate a renal diet, and i share important facts about those important minerals, and understanding of how important it is to do your best to keep them in normal range in help in managing continued good health on dialysis, and most importantly ways of how to achieve this, with the renal diet and medication regiment. I also share some of the home remedies for helping in lowering elevated b/p levels,( pass on by my father, who coped with dialysis way back in the early 70's,) when there wasn't all these varies b/p controlling meds to choose from. I also share my extensive hemo and PD dialysis experience, with the advantages and disadvantages of both, also my first transition from hemo to PD, (what transpired), as well as my return to hemo temporary, to have an umblical hernia repaired, due to a risk of having a small framed body on PD. So much to share, and i hope you will consider as a christmas gift to yourself. I wish all you guys all the best this holiday season and with much happiness, good health and prosperity for the coming New Year.