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Modern dialysis treatments give patients other options

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  • Modern dialysis treatments give patients other options

    Posted: Friday, August 8, 2014 7:27 pm
    Sidney Van Wyk
    Posted on Aug 8, 2014by Sidney Van Wyk
    One of the first exercises conducted by social workers at DaVita Tahlequah Dialysis Center is writing down 10 important aspects of their day-to-day life.
    Cary Odom, regional point social worker with DaVita, said things like family, career, health, church and different hobbies are often put on the list. Odom then asks for the lists to be passed to the right, and each person who receives the respective list must cross out five things at random before passing it back to the person who wrote it. Odom then makes the social workers cross off another two items from their own lists.
    Odom does this exercise to show DaVita employees what dialysis patients are facing as they go through treatment.
    “There are so many losses we take for granted,” said Odom. “They’ve lost control over everything and [their treatment] is the only thing they can control.”
    Dr. James Madison, nephrologist and the center’s director, said helping patients maintain control over their life is one reason he encourages home modality dialysis. The DaVita Center in Tahlequah is focusing its educational resources on that type of treatment during August, which is Dialysis Month.
    “All stages of kidney disease need something,” said Madison.
    The dialysis center in Tahlequah has been able to address many of these needs since it was opened, but parents on dialysis have been constrained by the center’s schedule, “so there are not a lot of options,” according to Madison.
    “The crux used to be that Tahlequah wasn’t one of the centers that could train patients to do this,” said Madison.
    The few dialysis patients in the area doing treatment at home were forced to train in Tulsa, then continue to do lab work and other follow-up procedures in Tulsa.

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