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iDialysis - An Free App to help Dialysis patients.

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  • maxine67
    thank u

    It great to want to do things for other.

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  • nrasool
    started a topic iDialysis - An Free App to help Dialysis patients.

    iDialysis - An Free App to help Dialysis patients.

    Hi there

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules here, but I just wanted to let you know about my first app, it is free and it is on Google Play Store - iDialysis.

    Here is a bit of history, I've was suffering from Stage 5 End Stage Kidney failure, While doing dialysis I wanted to record my bp and weight. Looking around there was no app for it, so I went and developed an app. This was a lifeline for me, as while I was doing dialysis, I was getting depressed alot. So glad I thought of this. I've been on dialysis for 2 years. On June 19th 2013, I had a kidneytransplant from my little brother, I'm sore, but doing well. I devoted my time in fixing the bugs and finally published the app on Google Play

    The application allows you to record your blood pressure, you weight before and after each dialysis session and if you are diabetic then your blood sugar level

    This is then presented in either a table format or graphs. The idea being that the patient can see at what days their bp level spiked or was to low to help them through it.

    The main website will show you screenshots, etc and you can also click on the Google Play store and download the app for free.

    Main website:

    By the way, if there is anyone who knows a person using dialysis, then point them to this link (if they have an android phone, iOS is coming soon), if people can share this, it will be much appreciated )

    If this is totally against the rules, then please accept my apologises on this, I just want to help people

    Kind Regards
    Nadeem R