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phone apps for renal diet

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  • phone apps for renal diet

    I would like to know which apps you use and the reason why you don't use others you have tested out.

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    Hi Jennifer

    I use KidneyDiet for my husband and it is user friendly. It crashed when I attempted to add food to the data base. I contacted developer and they said they were working on a fix for this problem, something to do with the newer Androids. They also advised me that they would refund me fully but I decided to keep it and work around the issue. The good news is that it is only down for the day? It was a couple of bucks.
    Another one I have downloaded is RENALTRKRR, a bit more expensive at $8/9 , food log is not as user friendly but still better than most. This app also has a lot of extra's such as keeping track of meds, charts to track "numbers" and other important kidney "stuff". BTW, this app also crashed when I attempted to add food to the data base.
    By using the KidneyDiet app, it has kept us focused on the three P's, potassium, phosphates and protein. Weight is also an issue in our lives and keeping a diary is a reality check. Both apps can be used to easily send information to dietician, nephrologist etc.
    I know it's been very effective as one day, hubby thought he'd hide it on me (numbers don't lie!!)
    Hope this helps....



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      I was hearing about kidney diet phone app. I would like to download it but can’t find the source of downloading path. Can anyone share its path with us?